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Winter 2016
Peer Advisor Availability

Writing Peer
Kyle Crocco

Mon: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Tue: 10 a.m.-noon
Wed: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Thu: 10 a.m.-noon

Funding Peer
Stephanie Griffin
Mon: 10 a.m.-noon
Wed: noon-2 p.m.

Diversity Peer
Ana Romero

Mon: noon-2 p.m.
Wed: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

The peers sometimes hold events or attend meetings during their regular office hours. To assure you connect with your Graduate Peer Advisor, we encourage you to contact them by email and make an appointment.



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STEM Outreach Program in México: Call for Instructors 

Clubes de Ciencia México is looking for instructors to teach Clubes de Ciencia (Science Clubs) in México this summer. They are looking for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. 

The Clubes de Ciencia México will take place in six cities: Ensenada, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Xalapa, Oaxaca, and Merida. Each Club is a week long with two dates to choose from: Week 1 (July 23-31) and Week 2 (July 30-August 7).

Not fluent in Spanish? No problem. Clubes can be taught in English and language barriers can be tackled with the help of their local instructors. 

Application Deadline: February 15, 2016 

For more information:

Check out what previous instructors say about the program: 



Intel Seeks Engineering Ph.D.s

The Portland Technology Development group of Intel Corporation currently has openings for Ph.D.s to support/direct R&D of advanced processing methods. Candidates hired for these positions will be responsible for developing the next generation of Intel's microprocessors.

Ph.D. candidates in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related fields are encouraged to apply. Criteria for selection include: a strong academic record, demonstrated experimental and data analysis expertise, superior critical thinking skills, an ability to drive and take responsibility for projects and a solid peer-reviewed publication record. Experience using and maintaining scientific equipment is preferred. Semiconductor processing experience is not mandatory.

Openings are immediately available at Intel’s primary development facility located about 10 miles west of Portland, Oregon. Please see a more detailed job description included below. Interested candidates should email resumes to Youngki Hong.

PTD Intel Corporation

PTD Module Engineers are responsible for leading scientific research and enabling manufacture of innovative device architectures coupled with the realization of these architectures. Responsibilities include designing, executing and analyzing experiments necessary to meet engineering specifications for their process. A Module Engineer participates in the development of intellectual property and the development of the equipment necessary to exploit understanding gained in research (in collaboration with equipment suppliers.) The Engineer must work effectively with the equipment supplier to identify shortcomings, propose and evaluate hardware modification to mitigate issues and operate the manufacturing line in order to integrate the many individual steps necessary for the manufacture of complex microprocessors. Module Engineers are also responsible for overseeing in-situ ramp to manufacturing volumes to demonstrate that the technology meets requirements while simultaneously transferring the technology to counterparts in manufacturing via 'Copy Exactly!' methodology. Module ownership includes the install and qualification of manufacturing capacity at the development site and audit installation/qualification and supervision of first full loop at the production site. Must hold a PhD.


You must possess a minimum of a Ph.D. degree majoring in Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, or a related field.

Criteria for selection include: a strong academic record, demonstrated experimental and data analysis expertise, superior critical thinking skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, creativity and flexibility to thrive under changing priorities, strong teamwork skills, an ability to drive and take responsibility for projects and a solid peer-reviewed publication record. Experience using and maintaining scientific equipment is preferred. Semiconductor processing experience is not mandatory.

Job Category


Primary Location

USA-Oregon, Hillsboro

Full/Part Time

Full Time

Business Group

As the world's largest chip manufacturer, Intel strives to make every facet of semiconductor manufacturing state-of-the-art -- from semiconductor process development and manufacturing, through yield improvement to final test and optimization, and lastly packaging. Employees in the Technology and Manufacturing group are part of a worldwide network of manufacturing and assembly/test facilities.

Posting Statement

Intel prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status. 


TMP Launching New Master of Technology Management Program; Information Session is March 11

The Master of Technology Management Value Proposition. CREDIT: Program website.UCSB's Technology Management Program is launching a brand-new Master of Technology Management (MTM) track. This innovative, business-oriented program is currently accepting applications, and an information session has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 11.

Program description:

The Master of Technology Management (MTM) program prepares early career engineers and scientists to be leaders in technology ventures. The nine-month-long, immersive curriculum teaches the frameworks and techniques needed to be a successful technology manager. Students focus on the challenges that are regularly encountered by leaders and the practices that build technology-based products and services to match (or create) market needs.

The Master of Technology Management will equip students with the knowledge, resources, and connections to go farther in a career as a Technology Leader. A list of program faculty and more program information can be found here.

Attend the upcoming information session to meet program staff and faculty in person:

Wednesday, March 11, from 2 to 3 p.m. in Phelps 1420. 

Tech Industry Career Talks and Info Sessions

Tech Company logosHave you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Google, Apple, Facebook, or Microsoft?

Here is a list of upcoming job talks and information sessions with some of most popular technology companies in the field:

Google – Oct. 8, 5 p.m., ESB 1001

Microsoft (Alumni InfoTalk) – Oct. 15, 6 p.m., ESB 1001

Intel (Technical Interview skills) – Oct. 15, 5 p.m., HFH 1132

Facebook (Tech Talk) – Oct. 15/4 p.m./ESB 1001

Microsoft (Tech Talk) – Oct. 16/6 p.m./CNSI 1650

Mentor Graphics – Oct. 16/5 p.m./ESB 2001

Qualcomm (Tech Talk) – Oct. 17/6 p.m./ESB 1001

Lockheed/SB Focal – Oct. 23/5:30 p.m./ESB 2001

Microsoft (Tech Talk) – Oct. 25/6 p.m./CNSI 1650

COE/CAP (Careers in Aerospace) – Nov. 6/Noon/ESB 1001

Qualcomm (Office Hours) – Nov. 13/10 a.m. start/ESB 2003

Qualcomm (Wireless Day) – Nov. 14/10 a.m. start/ESB 1001

COE/CAP (Careers in Energy Efficiency) – Nov. 27/Noon/ESB 1001

For more information, visit:


Intel hiring 150

The GradPost found this notice floating around on the campus wires. Intel seems to be going on a hiring frenzy. Plass this along to your EE, CS, and other software and hardware engineering types.

The Intel Architecture Group (IAG) has recently gotten approval to hire more (~150 ) New Graduates in 2011 for Hardware and Software Engineering positions. We would appreciate it if you could forward the information below to your students so they may have the opportunity to apply. Thanks in advance for your help.


The Intel Architecture Group (IAG) has recently gotten approval to hire more (~150 ) New Graduates in 2011. This is exciting news for us, and hopefully for you too. We will need to be aggressive to meet our goals.
That is why you are receiving this message today. We are hoping to understand who is still available and interested in positions at Intel as of this date. If you are currently seeking opportunities and want to be considered for these additional roles, please apply to ONE of the two positions listed below. You do not need to apply to both.

We will have recruiters reviewing all candidates on these 2 openings and matching you to active jobs we are currently trying to fill. Over the next few months, you will also see additional openings posted, so keep applying as long as you remain available.

For those interested in Hardware Engineering jobs (Req. #602130), please apply here:

For those interested in Software Engineering jobs (Req. #602124), please apply here:

Be sure to complete all the prescreening questions that come up as you go through the application process. This will help us route your resume faster.

Every resume will be reviewed. Please respond as soon as possible so we understand how much talent remains available.

We look forward to receiving your applications and getting your resume into the hands of our hiring teams.


NASA Fall Semester Internships

If you have dreamed of working for NASA or just want to dabble in an applied work setting, you may want to check out NASA's internship opportunities! The deadline for Fall internships is approaching, so check out the information below and apply soon!:


NASA offers a wide variety of placements in disciplines such as engineering, earth sciences, physics, mathematics, and technology. Over 150 fall internship opportunities are available!  Both undergraduates and graduate students are eligible.

The application period for NASA fall semester internships closes on May 1st.  To learn more about the application process, and apply for up to 15 NASA fall semester internships with a single application, please visit:

Video tutorials on completing your application and applying for opportunities are available at:



Getting a Job of Olympic Proportions

By Indy Hurt - GradDiv Academic Peer

This week, the Alternative Careers in Science and Engineering Seminar will feature Caroline K. Hatton, Sports Anti-Doping Scientist and former Associate Director of the UCLA Olympic Lab.

Friday, November 19, 2-3pm, Elings 1601
(Dr. Hatton will be available until 4PM for post-talk discussions)

Please RSVP:

Title:  Getting a Job of Olympic Proportions

Come laugh and cry at the trials, tribulations, and occasional triumphs of Caroline Hatton's career in sports anti-doping science. With a pharmacist degree from the University of Paris and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA, she ran the UCLA Olympic Lab for more than a decade, worked at three Olympics (Los Angeles in 1984, Atlanta in 1996, and Salt Lake City in 2002), and was on the team that cracked mystery steroid THG in the BALCO case. She's a consultant to anti-doping programs and the author of the book, The Night Olympic Team--Fighting to Keep Drugs Out of the Games.

Please see Dr. Hatton's website for more information: